Good Times at the Tulelake Fair

While in Kalifornia this past weekend we cruised on over to the Tulelake Fair. Goats, cows, racing pigs, people, rides, shows, and fair food – real fair food – nothing organic or low fat, I’m pretty sure the corndogs were cooked in partially hydrogenated oil – nobody cared really – it was s a fair. I had a cheese steak – tasty.

The usual rides were there – The Giant Wheel, The Zipper, and The Gravitron among others. Clown Town was ‘lame’ according to the kids, but the ‘Raiders’ ride seemed to do the trick once again (last time we went to that fair was like 3 years ago). Good times over all – more pics here.

Three Sisters Wilderness Hike

Flower with Green

We cruised out w/ our friends a couple of Saturdays ago into the Three Sisters Wilderness. It was a pretty chill hike so the kids enjoyed it. As we were hiking we noticed how diverse that particular area was – open meadows, groves, lava flows, lakes, and at points switchbacks  that cut through dense wooded areas.

Towards the 1st part of the trail we could have hooked up w/ part of the Pacific Crest Trail, it was cool to see some serious backpackers up the trail – no doubt in for the long haul.

We made it as far as North Matthieu Lake where we broke out some snacks and relaxed for a while – other hikers passed by some with kids, other w/ their pets – a good day for a hike for sure.

We started from Lava Camp Trailhead and the trail we popped on happened to open up that weekend – so we lucked out.

Here’s more info.

Schools In!

1st and 5th Graders

1st day of school and the kids are actually excited! This will be the 1st and only year they ride the bus together as kids since they are going into 1st and 5th grades.

These guys were ready to go with time to spare this morning, so I took some quick pix of them on our front porch – too funny.

What will the dogs do now with no one to run and play with during the day? – Sleep more no doubt and thank the district for opening up a huge window for them to catch-up on those much needed dog z’s.

Summer was fun for sure, but these guys were ready for school again – and actually so were we. ;^)

Our Basset Hound

So we have a Basset Hound. Very cool dogs really. Never thought I would own one, but now that we have one, the thought of another is appealing. Lucy (that’s her name) is super mellow, a total sweetheart, and loves the company of people. She’s small for a Basset Hound and doesn’t really howl as much, or at all actually. She does whine quite a bit though.

She always looks drunk, hung-over or completely stoned, so I took this photograph of her during her ‘active time’, so if she ever did party I would be able to tell the difference.

Walks and the occasional chase around the house, sure; But the daily walk from one end of the sofa to the other is quite enough for her. She sits on the sofa like a person, with her back up against the sofa cushions and her head slightly up and front paws on the arm rest. She loves the best seat in the house and grunts when you try to move her. Not an angry grunt, there’s not a mean bone in this dogs highly dense body, but more like a ‘why are you moving me, can’t you see I’m comfortable’ grunt. It’s equivalent to the grunt you’d give to someone who nudges you awake at night to let you know they can’t sleep.

Her ears are ridiculously large and her legs are disproportionate to her body. But what she lacks in looks, she for sure makes up in personality. A good dog for sure.

Going in a boat

My daughter and I photographed some of her drawings last week. She actually handled the set-up and photography while I imported, cleaned-up, cropped, and uploaded the images.
This is one of our favs for sure. I’m pretty sure this one is from our canoe ride out on Hosmer Lake over the summer last year (2007). That’s me w/ the pink hair.

Basset Nose

As interesting as it would be to have a dog that talks (like we see on TV shows and movies), I think there’s something to having the undivided attention (at times) of a dog whose response to our presence is marked by an array of body movements and a bark, or howl/grunt/whine in our case. No lip service. Mostly ears.
Instead of the talking dog, I would take the thought bubble dog. The thought bubble dog would have ‘a thought bubble’ over his/her head whenever something occurred to him. During sleep, while eating, playing with other dogs, shredding yard items, staring at you, farting. At any of these times I would have insight into a dogs comical yet cynical-at-times mind. There would be no doubt as to why she’s doing the things she does – it would be legible about a foot over her head.

Naughty dogger

My parents went on a vacation and left their dog with us. This dog, when in the care of my parents, lives the lavish life; Warm meals, soft pillows to nap on, daily leashed walks (with the proper attire of course), etc.
Now Chanel (the dog is named after a European perfume) is in our care. We love Chanel, and I’m pretty sure she’s loving her visit w/ us. Us being a family of 4 w/ two dogs of our own: A chocolate lab in her Platinum years, whose named Coco (yes, a chocolate lab named Coco) and our latest addition: Lucy, a Basset Hound. Lucy and Chanel are buds. They play around all day long, wrestling, chasing, biting.

It’s a riot watching them act like the pups that they are.
Her visit gives me another perspective into this cute little pampered lap dog. Once stripped from her little dog fashion garments and her couture namesake environment she’s a dog like any other. A cute little dog having a really good time w/ her goofy cousin hound dog while Mom and Dad are out of town.

It’s a break from Finishing School I suppose. A private school dog on Spring break: “Chanel Gone Wild.”
Never-the-less she’s a good dog and we’re glad to have her visit, but I think Lucy is starting to miss her multiple daily marathon naps and at times looks at us w/ those droopy eyes and asks “why?”.