The big news in Bend today (according to The Bulletin) was about a wallaby who had gone missing and was found after a five day Juniper Berry Bender (or maybe he was caught up at the west side Rigoberto’s hop thru). Mind you this is no ordinary wallaby – it’s a west-side wallaby – which are apparently cuter and more news worthy (it made the front page lead story).

Never mind the story about our public transportation system losing its funding – I mean is that really more important that a cute fuzzy naughty little wallaby? Bad wallaby, trying to escape your west-side domicile of non-clothesline hangers! So cute – you just want to squeeeeeeze, hug, and watch him hop – you can’t get mad at the wallaby. Granted the story would have been better if it happened in Washington – I see the headline now: “Wandering wallaby wescuded in Walla Walla”.  Oh Bulletin – how you make me smile.