I saw one of the Real Estate sections disappear this past Saturday from our local daily The Bulletin. The advent of less advertisers no doubt. It appears that the former Real Estate section was replaced with a Public Notice section – featuring mostly foreclosures. Not sure if this is a recent change or not as it’s been a while since I actually picked up the Real Estate section as we can just drive around town and see the For (Short) Sale signs littered across the lawns of homes throughout Bend.

It’s going to be interesting to see how the Bulletin performs this year in the current economy with less advertisers and the internet taking its toll on all daily newspapers – who struggle to redefine their old business model. How much longer will they be able to keep their big house on the hill with their main sources of revenue going away?

The brighter side is that The Bulletin will no doubt learn, adapt, and grow from all of this. Perhaps even follow the Seattle’s Post-Intelligencer model – who happens to be running their last printed paper tomorrow. The Bulletin seems to have a good team up there and a dedicated following. Time, and money will tell.