black_rainSometimes ya gotta forget yer head and grab yer balls
– Nick Conklin.
Great quote from the classic Ridley Scott film, Black Rain, which happens to be on tonight – along with Star Wars Episode IV.

I remember going to see Star Wars in the theater when I was my daughters age, it was awesome. I bought the special effects hook line and sinker, Princess Leia was hooooot. star_warsSo tonight when Spike broadcast Star Wars, the thought of watching A New Hope appealed to me – until it became evident it was the “updated” version. Granted there were some bonus parts added, but overall not worth watching anything but the original. I made it to the bar scene where Guido gets blasted by Han and had to change it – knowing that the horrible attempt to incorporate the originally tossed Han Solo/Jabba scene was coming up. I suppose the re-make was Lucas’s way of letting his audience know that it had become more about style/effects than substance for his upcoming prequel trilogy.

Black Rain won hands down. The  Suzuki bikes were cool to see.