Ana Short CutAna got a short cut.

It’s been a while since she had short hair. I had to look at a photograph on the wall just to see what she looked like with short hair. The photograph was taken almost three years ago. Until yesterday, her hair flowed almost all the way down her back – it was long.

The meticulous brushing of hair had become a daily routine for her; Like brushing teeth, taking vitamins, doing homework – it was getting old. Detangling naughty knots was an adventure we didn’t look forward to. She had grown tired of the routine and had embraced the idea that long hair was a burden she could live without – besides, it was time for a change. So the decision was made to cut it.

Ana’s hair qualified to be donated to an organization aptly named Locks of Love. So her hair was pony-tailed, chopped, wrapped, boxed, and mailed off today. Getting a hair cut never felt so good.