This is a first attempt to blog from my Blackberry + from Blue Lodge at Mt Bachelor to boot. All of us are here for Max’s first day doing MBSEF – so far so good. The snow is great and the kids are having a blast.

Now I’m in the car cranking tunes with the seat warmers on char broil. Today was the first day Ana (6) beat her mom down the hill – it was epic – and I have the video to prove it. She took a digger earlier today but bounced back after a quick stop at the lounge, which was an opportunity I took for some quick runs.

Today marks the day of an offical two weeks off for the familia. It was great to see most everyone for sure (Most everyone meaning it would have been cool to see everyone, but not everyone could make it.), however, it’s back to it tomorrow. I’m ready though – but something tells me the kids would be more than happy to have another week off of school.

Time for the drive back home and the obligatory hot tub soak.