We cruised out this weekend and bought a Food Mixer – something we’ve always thought about adding to our kitchen. We made spaghetti! – Well actually Laurie did. I tried my best, but ended up w/ horribly dry, flaky, just plain bad dough – which ended being tossed. Laurie on the other hand made it look easy – we agreed that it was the Italian in her that made it possible ‘It’s in my blood’ she said. On her first try, she nailed it.

I did make some pretty good brownies the next day with the mixer – so good! We went to my sister’s last night for some Paella – which was super tasty, and the brownies were very well received by all.

Tonight Laurie is making her insanely tasty tomato ‘gravy’ with meatballs to accompany her home made pasta. Yum.