Continued from a previous post.

Day 33Max is doing really well. For a while there I was getting a bit worried about his overall state of mind in regards to what had happened. There was an incident at school and a few here at home that raised some concerns over the last week or so, but things have seemed to mellow out somewhat. We’re getting back into the swing of things once again. Max is in a groove. He knows to lotion up as much as possible, and to slap on SPF before leaving the house. If it’s too cold – no recess. If it’s too windy – no recess. The cold temperatures and wind will damage his new skin – possibly permanantly, so we are taking every precaution fro the next 11 more months or so.

His outlook is brighter, he’s spending time with his buddies, and most importantly he’s back to being a boy again. :^)