Giantloop Saddlebag on my Dual Sport

Giantloop Saddle bags on my HusqvarnaOver the weekend I cruised out to Giantloop Headquarters to have their saddle bag installed on my 2008 Husqvarna TE 610. It’s really not a saddle bag – it’s more. It’s a tail bag + saddlebag in one compact design – keeping your bike thin, but allowing you to carry everything you need for an extended weekend adventure or the daily commute to town. It’s designed to spread the contents of the bag evenly without placing unnecessary weight toward the back of your machine. I could have used it on my trip to Tulelake and back for sure.

The bag fit perfectly! The only downside are the holes left over in the tail plastic from the rack I had installed – which is now in a box in my garage. The bag was positioned a little further back than they would have liked – but not too much. It needed to be to allow the saddle to come off quickly on the trail if neccesary. The bag is fastened very securely to the side plastic panels and the tail plastic. The supplied heat shield is a must for this bike and works perfectly to prevent the bag from coming into contact with the exhaust. The black Ballistic Cordura looks pretty cool with this bike and would no doubt be a cool addition to any Husqvarna SuperMoto as well.

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  1. I now have a very similar bike. How have you liked the GiantLoop bag after 6+ months of ownership? (never mind that pesky winter)


  2. It’s a good bag for sure – There when I need it, and is compresses down nicely when I don’t. The heat shield is needed for our bikes. My tools are always in it along with some other “essentials” for the trail. I’ve found that for the daily commute it’s handy as well. After a day at the studio I sometimes stroll over to the wine shop and pick up a bottle or two of some Oregon Wines – two bottles fit nicely in one side of the GLM bag. I have yet to successfully stuff a growler in there though. ;^)
    Nice meat paintings BTW.

  3. hi looking at a TE-510 installation. What is the gray rack and from where? stock 610 rack?



  4. That is the stock rack from a 2007 610 I installed prior to hooking up with the GL bag. It now resides on a shelf in my garage.

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