Going to visit our friends who kind-of live in Tulelake. Half their property is in California the other half in Oregon – Big ranch with cows, sheep, chickens, etc. Fun to visit, kick up the feet on their porch and stare at wide open space that just goes on for miles and miles. This weekend is the Tulelake Fair! Woo Hoo! We went hmm – about 3 years ago and it was a blast – Ferris Wheel, haunted houses, slides, , shooting galleries, corn dogs, bbq, livestock, and disgruntled carnies. Good times.

This year I’ll be cruising down on my Dual Sport, taking as many dirt/gravel roads as possible to see the more obscure areas of this beautiful state, should be fun. With a spare tube, snacks, extra gas can, and other essentials, I should be in good shape. Luck favors the prepared.

I’ll have my GPS and will be making tracks and marking waypoints for future visits. If your into bringing along your GPS on outings and want to do something with all that data check out GPS Visualizer. I discovered it recently and it’s pretty cool. Once your there, you can take that data and send it to another site like Everytrail. You can make maps that detail your outing. Cool.