Three Sisters Wilderness Hike

Flower with Green

We cruised out w/ our friends a couple of Saturdays ago into the Three Sisters Wilderness. It was a pretty chill hike so the kids enjoyed it. As we were hiking we noticed how diverse that particular area was – open meadows, groves, lava flows, lakes, and at points switchbacks  that cut through dense wooded areas.

Towards the 1st part of the trail we could have hooked up w/ part of the Pacific Crest Trail, it was cool to see some serious backpackers up the trail – no doubt in for the long haul.

We made it as far as North Matthieu Lake where we broke out some snacks and relaxed for a while – other hikers passed by some with kids, other w/ their pets – a good day for a hike for sure.

We started from Lava Camp Trailhead and the trail we popped on happened to open up that weekend – so we lucked out.

Here’s more info.

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  1. Wow – my eyes are full with awe. Your report is like listening to the silence inside – everything revive and the wild flowers smell so magically – your blog puts me under a charm. Its the peace itself – you don’t use high words, but rejoice at blooming earth and your humble curiosity attracts- captivates – gifts us the peace. Thank you for the sharing of love.

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