WinterFest T Shirts

Bend WinterFest T Shirt

WinterFest is here! Just dropped off my T Shirts for the event. Cool Yeti Illustration concept comes alive w/ the help of Chuck Moser. Pick one up at  The WinterFest site or come on down the The Bend WinterFest this weekend and grab one at the info booth.

Last Cog Wild Shuttle – From Swampy to Parilla

Cog Wild provided regular Shuttle runs all summer that would depart from the Cascade Lakes Brewing Co parking lot at 5pm every Tuesday and Thursday. Aaron and I decided to embark on their last one for 2008.

It was a short ride up to Swampy, I had a chance to catch up w/ an old friend – original owner/starter upper of Cog Wild – Woody – he drove us up with daughter riding shotgun. There was another rider with us (Peter) who was going to Dutchman, and would no doubt be riding the last hour or so in the dark – sweet.

The ride was fun. One of the highlights (next to wiping out a few times) was hearing Aaron scream in terror as he got stung by a bee (he got an ouchy) on the trail. The bee apparently was startled when I rode by and decided to fly into his shorts and sting him in the thigh – nice. Regardless of being stung he rode on – only to endure a whole different type of pain and suffering. Good times, good times.

The ride did offer up more than uphill climbs and twisty turns, there were the whoops – everyone loves the whoops – it’s like a BMX course tucked away in the Deschutes Forest waiting for kids of all ages to bomb down them! The views – great views, whether your riding in the dense wooded forest, popping out into an open meadow, cruising through creeks, or just stopping at a shelter to get a glimpse of the mountains.

We hit Swampy Loop, Sector 16, the Whoops (Frazzle now), Ben’s Trail, to Phil’s Trailhead. Fun to be had for sure. We ended up riding past the sunset, into the dark and to the 1st place off the trail on the way to town that had cold beer and food – Parilla Grill. My Fajita Steak Burrito was on! But Aaron’s Fish Taco was not happening. He got some other Burrito and that apparently was awesome because it was gone in about a minute – but I’ll leave the food reviews to BOR. ;^).

My lovely wife was kind enough to pick us up – two hurting units. Thanks Wonder Worman, your the best. :^)

You can track our trip at

Scott Bedbury coming to town

Who is Scott Bedbury? More than some dude. Much talked about – post the dot gone days – and still today,  you can say he single handed-ly shifted the creative industry toward a ‘brand-centric’ state. You would have been hard pressed to come across any design/marketing/advertising/pr/strategy/online firm in the mid 2000’s that didn’t tout their ‘Brand Building’ processes. The brand was (and still is – kind of) King. Advertising had it’s time in the late 90’s with mega agencies like Arnold producing incredible work, and in the early 90’s, it was design that took the stage with super stars like Duffy. Today, The Brand still holds it’s own.

For sure, great work will always be done in all creative disciplines, but it was Mr Bedbury (among a handful of others) who brought ‘The Brand’ to the forefront and he’ll be here in Bend to talk to us. Cool. Check out his book.

So it’s going to be an Ad Fed gig. I’m a member of Ad Fed and was asked to help develop the creative for this event – It had been a while since I offered my time to the Ad Fed – so guilt set in when I got numerous calls and emails, so I committed – and knowing Scott Bedbury was going to speak made it a pretty easy decision to boot.

The board already had a concept for the conference – ‘A Fresh Perspective’. Everything else was up to me. The catch? It was due yesterday – kind of. I had about a week to start and finish.

2 days later I was done (At the School of Visual Arts we had 2 hour, 2 day, and 2 week projects – all of which counted equally towards our final grade – I was prepared). On the second day, after they had already approved one of my concepts, I thought of another one as I was walking to the studio. I thumped it up and knew I could make it happen before days end – so I started in a new direction.

1 idea, 2 sketches, 3 packs of gum, and mini photo shoot later, I had everything I needed to make the concept come to life (there may have been a micro brew or two involved as well).

Fresh Perspective
Fresh Perspective With the help of my trusty Adobe tools – I created gum, and not just any gum, Fresh Perspective gum! Bendamint no less.These photo-illustrations will be the main visual element for the forthcoming ads which will have the conference details.

Look for the print ads in the Cascade Business News and The Bulletin.

2008 Ad Fed Western Region Conference September 18 – 21. Registration Deadline > Sept 11 / Speakers > Scott Bedbury – Author, A New Brand World /
Mark Carlson – Senior Creative Director of McDonald’s / Shelly Stevens – Weiden and Kennedy /
Brought to you by AdFed of Central Oregon. Learn more and register online > /

thump coffee

If you’re cruising downtown to Winterfest this weekend, stop by thump coffee, for some music and cuppings.

Considering the population of Bend, there’s a pretty large selection of coffee shops to choose from and depending on what your looking for there’s most likely one here for you.

I’ve had the opportunity to work on thump coffee creative for the past year and it’s been great to work with such cool clients. The ‘birds’ illustration for the ad was inspired and originally created by the super talented Simon Oxley. Look for it in the The Source and Cascade A&E.