Tim and Sandy

2008 Bite Of Bend Iron Chef Competition Cruising through some images I found this one of Sandy Henderson and Tim Garling at last years Bite of Bend. Not sure what she was asking, but it apparently took him by surprise.

With the advent of several upscale restaurants closing down in Bend I wonder what the showing will be like for this years upcoming venue.

Bite Of Bend Weekend

Fun weekend at the Bite of Bend for sure! Captured some fun images of the Iron Chef event and peeps eating and kids playing! The busiest Bite of Bend we’ve been to since we can remember.

Climbing at the Bite Of Bend

Bouncing at THe Bite of Bend

2008 Bite Of Bend Iron Chef Competition

2008 Bite Of Bend Iron Chef Competition


2008 Bite of Bend

The Bite Of Bend is coming soon, and the posters are going up. I finished this and another poster for the 2008 BOB. Another fun “Fest” project for sure! Look for them around town, and if you happen to be downtown, you’ll see the banners on the light posts which will be going up next week.

If you go, make sure to check out the Iron Chef competition! Chef Tim Garling from The Jackalope Grill will be a contestant this year, so it’s bound to be a really good show!