This image was taken summer of 2007 not to far from our Hosmer Lake campsite. Broken Top to the left, Mt Bachelor to the right – It was the original header image o the wrongdude blog.

The current image was taken on the way to Tulelake, Ca on my Husqvarna 610. On the edge of a cliff, looking southwest-ish above Klamath Lake.

Wrongdude.com is a blog about stuff I (Carlos A Perez) see, projects I’ve worked (or am working) on, and photographs I’ve taken. Posted on a somewhat daily basis, topics vary.

I am happily married to a beautiful wife, Laurie – who doubles as a superhero and have a energetic daughter Ana and courageous son Max. My full time gig is running my design studio in Bend, Oregon – Perez design.

LucyOh and we have a Basset Hound – Lucy. She’s pretty mellow, but energetic when the mood strikes – especially after a bath, or when someone utters the word “cookie” – actually you have to stress the o’s in cookie like the letter u. So it’s “coooookie”.