“Let’s get together!” or even better “We need to get together!” – What does it mean?

Say you see someone you haven’t seen in sometime, this person could be an old friend, acquaintance, old neighbor, workmate, or parent of your kids friends – anyone really – someone you haven’t seen in a while. You see each other in passing, at the grocery store, targét, downtown, wherever – and it’s good to see them – really. But then comes that moment when you both have to go your separate ways and the phrase is uttered. That phrase – “We really need to get together.” the phrase is acknowledged and you part ways. What happens next?

Who calls whom? Who texts whom? Who emails whom? Is there proper etiquette for such an occurance. Is the gesture just that – a gesture? It’s implied that both parties are willing to get together for more than just a fleeting moment, but which party is responsible for actually following-up with the offer? Or is the relationship just good enough for one moment – a space in time reserved for a single serving (Fight Club).
At times, I’d like to think so. There’s nothing wrong with single servings. Single servings are great. Why ask for more. Hershey built an empire off of Kisses – single servings are alright. It’s an exercise in tolerance – no reason to subject yourself to more than you actually want, need, or desire. Single servings – right on.
So back to the proper procedure. Regardless of location – online or in line at the market, I believe that if you make the gesture to “get together sometime” it’s up to you to make the next move. And that move should be within reasonable time, otherwise it gets awkward the next time you see that person again – “Oh..um, yeah, good to see you again – we really need to get together – really”.

A phone call, email, text, anything would be a good follow-up. Not having the other persons number just doesn’t fly anymore these days. Excuses are out, and if either party does not follow up – is that a semi-serious (Very overused 90’s French phrase coming up)  “faux pas”? Probably not – but why even bother making the offer if you don’t mean it. A simple “Well – see ya later” is perfect.

I prefer the not so distant cousin of “Let’s get together”, ”Dude, let’s get a beer sometime”. That almost never fails. Beer is a fail safe – and if you make the offer, you’re buying the first round – single servings need not apply.