We just wrapped up another branding project for another local (Bend, Oregon) client – Fully Briefed. This one was a fun one – designer men’s underwear. Up until about 6 months ago I had no idea this was even a retail category, but I was so wrong. It’s a huge one. ;^)

Men’s designer underwear is by no means a new category, rather there are several retail shops both on-line and off that cater to a growing audience of male designer underwear shoppers. From boxer briefs to thongs and underwear that actually enhance – Fully Briefed has it.

The biggest difference for these guys is their brand – they realized early on that there was a good amount of other on-line men’s underwear options, but they wanted to tap into the feel of the Northwest in a fun way – and so the creature was born. A not so distant cousin of the famed Bigfoot – our creature was bit more modest and had a particular liking of designer underwear, briefs to be precise. Check him out at FBonMe.com (Fully Briefed On Me).