Good weekend ender – Mt Bachelor opens

Ana, Laurie, Max kicking itWoo Hoo! The mountain finally opened today. It was a good day for sure – and long awaited by many.
By 8 am the Mt Bachelor webcam revealed that a select group was already waiting at the base of the Pine Martin lift for first runs – we were in our PJs – all comfy cozy. Early mornings and Sundays are meant for relaxation – unless of course the mountain gets epic snowfall the night before.

My only plans for this day involved heading out to thump to meet my bud Danno for a morning cup and cruising up to the mountain for some runs. Not bad for a Sunday.

After coffee it was off to the mountain! We arrived just after eleven and the lines were minimal, the snow was falling and the sky was clearing – at times. The kids had a blast and did really well. After about five runs and two hot chocolates we were ready to head home for some Pizza Mondo, beers, movies, maybe some  Halo 3 and a hot tub! Well – Laurie and I were ready for the beers part, the kids not so much.

It was a good day for sure. The only thing that would have made it great was all of us hopping in the hot tub after our day on the hill – like last year – this year Max will have to skip out on the hot tub action because of his burns and new skin, but there’s always next year. We made sure he was totally covered when we hit the mountain today, we got him a cool new old-school ski mask that covers his whole face – bank robber style. Let it snow, let it now, let it snow.

Fall leaf

FlameLaurie and I walked to thump this morning for some hot coffee love + a wedge of ham quiche for me and slice of warm pumpkin bread for her. Lucy came with us too, ears flopping and nose to the pavement the whole way there and back. We sat outside. Enjoyed the morning sun.

On our way home, I gathered some cool fallen leaves.

It was a nice break for us for sure. The kids had sleep-overs and we had each other.

Day 26

Continued from a previous post.
Day 26

Max is showing signs of improvement for sure. Day by day a little changes for the better physically, but we are noticing signs of frustration becoming more prevalent. The morning application of SPF – morning, afternoon, and evening application of moisturizer, daily dressing changes for his arm, all taking a toll on his usual upbeat, positive attitude. He mentioned to me this afternoon how he missed going out with his classmates for recess. We went to our friends house earlier in the evening but I could tell he would have preferred to wait in the car while we visited – he said very little while we were their and sat by the stairs for a bit waiting for the time to leave. Not our usual Maxinator.

This weekend we’re thinking about cruising out to see his soccer team’s last game. I really think he’s looking forward to seeing his teammates again even though he won’t be playing.

Our friends over at thump coffee dropped off some super tasty cookies for Max from Nancy P’s today. Holy smokes! Those cookies are so good! Thank you Hazel, Kent and thump crew! And thank you for writing a note on the box for Max to share! The chocolate chip cookies made the final presidential debate tolerable.

Max has grown-up a lot these past several of weeks – were not sure if it has to do with what happened to him or if it’s just his age. He’s getting more serious, but still jokes around. His voice is cracking and is starting to sound like, well, a big boy. It’s really cool to see actually. I think he digs it too. He’s one cool little dude.

Best Coffee House!

Woo Hoo! Thump coffee picks up the readers choice for “Best Coffee House” in The Source’s “Best of Central Oregon” issue. We put together this ad to thank thump’s customers and Source readers! It’s cool to see how our community has embraced thump coffee and the peeps behind the counter that serve it up on a daily basis. There’s a bunch of really great coffee shops that roast their own in Bend: Bellatazza, Strictly Organic, Backporch Coffee Roasters, etc. If you’re a coffee afficionado make sure to check them out for sure. Before the thump coffee days Kent and Hazel were roasting their own beans as well, but decided to serve up Stumptown coffee beans and focus on making the perfect cup. thump it up!

thump coffee

If you’re cruising downtown to Winterfest this weekend, stop by thump coffee, for some music and cuppings.

Considering the population of Bend, there’s a pretty large selection of coffee shops to choose from and depending on what your looking for there’s most likely one here for you.

I’ve had the opportunity to work on thump coffee creative for the past year and it’s been great to work with such cool clients. The ‘birds’ illustration for the ad was inspired and originally created by the super talented Simon Oxley. Look for it in the The Source and Cascade A&E.

Winterfest 2008

Winterfest should be cool this year. Looking forward to seeing “The Blakes” and “Hells Belles” (I’m not a big AC/DC fan, but an all girl AC/DC cover band should be a sight). The kids will dig the fireworks and I’ll for sure go to thump coffee to say hola to K&H and the crew. Carol Sternkopf will be there showcasing her work so that’s cool too.

Working on the creative for the 2008 Winterfest was cool for sure and I can’t wait to see it all come together this weekend.