Snow’s in, School’s out

Front Yard SnowIt was a cold day but people were cruising all around town – both Post Offices were packed, the roads were busy, and school was out.

The kids spent the day at home and with friends and I cruised home early in the afternoon after a client meeting. The mountain was awesome yesterday and the plans were to cruise back again on Tuesday, but it looks as though school will be delayed, so off to work I will go. And the kids will no doubt spend the morning in their PJs once again – missing out on yet another one of those  fun weekday mornings of ‘getting ready for school’.

Lucy was happy to see all of us home for sure.

Schools In!

1st and 5th Graders

1st day of school and the kids are actually excited! This will be the 1st and only year they ride the bus together as kids since they are going into 1st and 5th grades.

These guys were ready to go with time to spare this morning, so I took some quick pix of them on our front porch – too funny.

What will the dogs do now with no one to run and play with during the day? – Sleep more no doubt and thank the district for opening up a huge window for them to catch-up on those much needed dog z’s.

Summer was fun for sure, but these guys were ready for school again – and actually so were we. ;^)

Cibelli Chomp

Last day before school starts…Had to take advantage of the nice day (68º + Sunny) and take the Maxinator out for a slice of Pizza. It was a toss up between Pizza Mondo or Cibelli’s – but the monster slices at Cibelli’s won us over.