12 January 2009 0 Comments

Bottle in Can

Pepsi Bottle in CanCruising down the shopping isle yesterday I noticed some Pepsi bottles – or cans that looked like bottles. Retro Pepsi. They were cool – so I bought a couple. It was the first time in a long time the thought of buying a Pepsi crossed my mind – but the packaging lured me in.

After consumed, these would make great mini indoor bowling pins for sure – or even a lamp post.

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28 October 2008 3 Comments

New Pepsi Logo

Grabbed this from Adage

Grabbed this from Adage

Pepsi is poised to launch this new logo, that no doubt cost 100 million, gagillion, badazillion dollars (a la Dr. Evil).

Read about it here.

And it gets better here. Read what the design community thinks about it.

And a video explaining how to make a turd smile.