Wigging out in 2009

Wig ChicWe brought the New Year sporting wigs. Midnight struck as the dancing continued to a fun crowd bumping to the beats of the lively Mosley Wotta. It was our final stop in a series of an evening that started out with a couple of Martinis at The  Jackalope Grill.

The past couple of weeks have been a blast with family in town, with the exception of one event – we had to put our 14 year old lab “Coco” to sleep, it was time .

Looking forward to winding down over the next two days and getting ready for what is no doubt going to be an interesting 2009 in Bend.

Jackalope Grill’s Pan Seared Scallops

Friday night at The Jackalope Grill! Scallops served on “Forbidden Rice”, tasty clams in a wonderful garlic sauce, “Bib Lettuce Salad” served with a monster crouton! Then came dessert – Bananas Foster for two!
It was a great mellow dinner!
The Jackalope Grill is great. Owners Tim and Kathy Garling are great at what they do, and I’m not just saying that because they are my clients. ;^)
A wonderful fine dining experience for sure. Mellow, quiet, and off the beaten path. Salud.