13 February 2008 0 Comments

Nothing says I love you like worms

Looking for something extra special for that extra special someone this Valentine’s Day? Tired of diamonds, flowers, stuffed animals, and chocolates (all undoubtedly dug up, grown, manufactured, and mixed up in lands far far away)?

Why not reduce your carbon footprint and pick up a pound of Super Composting Red Wigglers for Valentine’s day? They’re red, so they’ll make a perfect Valentine, and they’re local (if you live in Bend). Although they’re not as sparkly, pretty, cuddly, or tasty as your typical Valentine’s Day gift items, the gift of Red Wigglers just shows that you really do care about her/him and the world we all live in. ;^) Visit Wonderworman.com today!

Wonder Worman loves these red wiggling creatures. I created her marketing components including the smiley Red Wiggler logo. Harold O Cecil (aka Ad HOC) helped a bunch w/ making The Wonder Worman come to life via copywriting and PR efforts.

Go Red Wigglers!