Red Wiggling

Worms. I remember fishing w/ worms when I was a kid. They must have been tasty because fish sure did like them. It was always fun going to the bait shop for a styrofoam cup-o-worms (Night Crawlers actually). They were always in the cooler behind the counter. Little did I know they had a close cousin whose ‘pooping’ ability would one day make headlines around the world. Red Wigglers – the super composting worm. They are the cornerstone of some villages. I’ve been learning quite a bit about Red Wigglers as my wife is “The Wonder Worman” – Invisible car yet to come. ;^) Although slimy, they are quite cool to look at and hold.We are finishing up her site which is launching this week, so I thought it would be cool to post a photo of these cool little creatures.

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  1. I sooo remember those worms! And the smell of the fishbait in those shops. YEECH. What is her site? A composting site? I am turning into a lil composter myself – always saving dryer lint and coffee grounds to help it all along.

    wonder worman. that rocks.

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