The 2009 Bend Winterfest is on!

2009 Winterfest PosterWinterfest is on, and in true form the snow has arrived with it. It’s cool to finally see all the creative materials I worked on with the Winterfest peeps up and around town.

This marks the first year Winterfest will be held at The Old Mill, and not downtown – so parking should be ample and the music louder. Downtown will for sure miss this annual event.

The combo of Valentines Day, Winterfest, and more snow pummeling the mountain, is no doubt going to make this a great three day weekend in Bendo for locals, visitors, and shops alike.

On the hill

Making Calls
Super fun half day today on Bachelor – the snow was great, kinda sketch making the traverse from the summit to the backside, but well worth it. Sunny morning with the clouds rolling in just after noon. The fresh wax on the board did the trick, it felt good to float on the snow once again.

Deschutes River Brains

Deschutes River BrainsOn the way home for lunch this afternoon, crossing over the Veterans Memorial Bridge, I stopped to look at the Deschutes. It was awesome. The snow which was stacked on top of the flowing river for almost two weeks had begun to melt – or coagulate – or something. The temperature had risen over the past 24 hours causing a very bizarre formation of snow meets ice meets vegetation, I was intrigued so I took a photo. It looked like a vast flow of brains, it immediately reminded me of the scene from LOTR – Two Towers, when Frodo falls into the haunted swamp of the Dead Marshes – but much colder with snow and without the occasional fire spewing from beneath.


Snow cakeFun weekend for sure – crazy cold and full of snow! We capped of this weekend with the last of Ho ho holiday parties, good times for sure.
The mountain was a blast, interestingly enough it was warmer up at the mountain than it was in town – the temperature read 10°s as we headed out and about 32°s about thirty minutes later when we arrived at Mt Bachelor. The snow just kept on falling all weekend long. Another trip to the mountain may be in order once again tomorrow – it’s x-mas break and the kids are home, so why not?

Let it snow.

SnowtopIt’s snowing – which means more snow for Mt. Bachelor! Woo Hoo! In town we may see about three inches, but the mountian should be getting three feet! Um – all meetings cancelled tomorrow. ;^)

Snow’s in, School’s out

Front Yard SnowIt was a cold day but people were cruising all around town – both Post Offices were packed, the roads were busy, and school was out.

The kids spent the day at home and with friends and I cruised home early in the afternoon after a client meeting. The mountain was awesome yesterday and the plans were to cruise back again on Tuesday, but it looks as though school will be delayed, so off to work I will go. And the kids will no doubt spend the morning in their PJs once again – missing out on yet another one of those  fun weekday mornings of ‘getting ready for school’.

Lucy was happy to see all of us home for sure.

Mt Bachelor

Great snow for the past week or so up at Mt Bachelor and this past weekend was epic for sure (if you don’t mind the typical overcast conditions).
I’ve noticed that the Sunrise Lodge Map board (this is the main sign element visitors use for guidance at the base of the lodge) has been down for almost a week now with no explanation as to how it happened or when it will be fixed. In a way it’s somewhat of a visual metaphor for the many shared sentiments locals feel about the current mismanagement of this resort.
Regardless, it’s still a fun place to go to enjoy the views, hook up w/ friends and contemplate the meaning of life while on Rainbow Chair. :^)

12 Inch Day

Cruised up to Mt Bachelor this morning to take advantage of the new snow. The powder was so deep today, there was no alternative but to lean way back and point the board nose downhill. There’s something about gliding down a slope in deep fresh powder that puts a smile on my face (even now, just thinking about it).
A great day on the Mountian for sure.

Frosty Tree

I shot this today on the way to work. We just had this awesome storm move in and dump some snow in town and on the Mountain. It was cool just watching the snowflakes fall. Our friends live out towards the forest and really capitalized on the weather by making a half dome igloo style bar and had some peeps over for an evening in the snow w/ drinks. It was a good time.