14 February 2008 2 Comments

The Source Weekly redesign – and Pinback

Out this week – The new Source Weekly.
Out last night – Pinback.

After several months of reviews, discussions, and revisions the new look for The Source Weekly (Central Oregon’s weekly publication) was let loose to the masses today (actually yesterday now).

Some people may have already seen the new mark in business card or sales material form over the past month or so, but today was the official 1st day for the new look. It may not be too big a deal for most readers, but it was pretty cool to see for me.

Having the opportunity to develop the logo for our local weekly rag was cool. And finally seeing it printed was even cooler. Developing the mark was a collaborative effort for sure, as was helping structure the new layout. I look forward to see how the new mark develops throughout the years.

What a great show last night at the Domino Room! Even w/ a sore throat Rob was belting out the vocals (while slowly tossing back a shot). Good tunes for sure! Opening act MC Chris was on fuego as well! That dude was one funny white hip-hopin’ mofo.