No longer two hands old

11th CakeMax is eleven – the years have outpaced his digits and now it’s time for the toes to contribute. Ten fingers and a toe old. It’s cool to see him grow up for sure. Today I showed him how to back our Pathfinder out of the garage – which he was getting ready to clean. So nice to have help with the mundane chores around the house. Of course he’s not even close to the age of driving, but it was fun coaching him. We cruised to the store to pick up a board game (Risk) and another hard drive for our ever expanding library of photos.

Tomorrow it’s off to the mountain.

Mt Bachelor Screws up – again

I love the mountain. I was up earlier today – cruising the groomed ice. But when I got home this afternoon I received an email from Mt Bachelor, which included this statement: ‘effective immediately, we require all season passes and lift tickets to be clearly visible, easily accessible and made readily available for inspection by Lift Access staff at every lift for every ride on the mountain, and by Nordic staff upon their request’.

Not sure about most peeps, but I keep my pass safely tucked away in my jacket sleeve – in a special pocket designed for passes. Removing it wouldn’t be much of a hassle, but an annoyance none-the-less if it had to be done at every lift, day after day, week after week. Now Mt Bachelor is demanding that we show our pass or as they say make it available. Lame, Mt Bachelor. Why?

Mountain visits are supposed to be a relaxing time. If you are having issues – deal with them without inconveniencing season pass holders.