Lucy Basset Hound

LucyLucy cracks me/us up. She’s our Basset Hound, who now relaxes even more on her own circular dog pillow/bed, which was bestowed upon her last month from, um, Santa Paws. Now when Lucy waddles up to me I notice an unfamiliar, yet recognizable scent – that of cedar chips.

Granted we live in the Northwest, but Cedars are not indigenous to our back yard, but apparently are found inside her new bed. She wreaks of it – cedar, which indicates her relative happiness with the gift. She loves it. When she’s not eating, or cruising outside, she’s on it – morning, afternoon, and night. She still walks with the kids on their way to bed in the evenings, sitting by their side during story time – at times jumping on the bed to catch some of the story – but in the mornings we’re now finding her on that cedar pillow, in some sort of awkward Basset position, no doubt dreaming of sleeping – in a cedar forest, eating cheese (She’s a French Basset – but we love her).

Fall leaf

FlameLaurie and I walked to thump this morning for some hot coffee love + a wedge of ham quiche for me and slice of warm pumpkin bread for her. Lucy came with us too, ears flopping and nose to the pavement the whole way there and back. We sat outside. Enjoyed the morning sun.

On our way home, I gathered some cool fallen leaves.

It was a nice break for us for sure. The kids had sleep-overs and we had each other.

Naughty dogger

My parents went on a vacation and left their dog with us. This dog, when in the care of my parents, lives the lavish life; Warm meals, soft pillows to nap on, daily leashed walks (with the proper attire of course), etc.
Now Chanel (the dog is named after a European perfume) is in our care. We love Chanel, and I’m pretty sure she’s loving her visit w/ us. Us being a family of 4 w/ two dogs of our own: A chocolate lab in her Platinum years, whose named Coco (yes, a chocolate lab named Coco) and our latest addition: Lucy, a Basset Hound. Lucy and Chanel are buds. They play around all day long, wrestling, chasing, biting.

It’s a riot watching them act like the pups that they are.
Her visit gives me another perspective into this cute little pampered lap dog. Once stripped from her little dog fashion garments and her couture namesake environment she’s a dog like any other. A cute little dog having a really good time w/ her goofy cousin hound dog while Mom and Dad are out of town.

It’s a break from Finishing School I suppose. A private school dog on Spring break: “Chanel Gone Wild.”
Never-the-less she’s a good dog and we’re glad to have her visit, but I think Lucy is starting to miss her multiple daily marathon naps and at times looks at us w/ those droopy eyes and asks “why?”.