Deschutes River Brains

Deschutes River BrainsOn the way home for lunch this afternoon, crossing over the Veterans Memorial Bridge, I stopped to look at the Deschutes. It was awesome. The snow which was stacked on top of the flowing river for almost two weeks had begun to melt – or coagulate – or something. The temperature had risen over the past 24 hours causing a very bizarre formation of snow meets ice meets vegetation, I was intrigued so I took a photo. It looked like a vast flow of brains, it immediately reminded me of the scene from LOTR – Two Towers, when Frodo falls into the haunted swamp of the Dead Marshes – but much colder with snow and without the occasional fire spewing from beneath.


Snow cakeFun weekend for sure – crazy cold and full of snow! We capped of this weekend with the last of Ho ho holiday parties, good times for sure.
The mountain was a blast, interestingly enough it was warmer up at the mountain than it was in town – the temperature read 10°s as we headed out and about 32°s about thirty minutes later when we arrived at Mt Bachelor. The snow just kept on falling all weekend long. Another trip to the mountain may be in order once again tomorrow – it’s x-mas break and the kids are home, so why not?

It’s getting warmer

24 Degrees24 degrees feel so good compared to the single digit highs we experienced earlier this week. With the temperature predicted to hang in the 20’s – 30’s for the next few days it’s time for building snowmen + once again time to hit the lifts.

Let it snow.

SnowtopIt’s snowing – which means more snow for Mt. Bachelor! Woo Hoo! In town we may see about three inches, but the mountian should be getting three feet! Um – all meetings cancelled tomorrow. ;^)

Snow’s in, School’s out

Front Yard SnowIt was a cold day but people were cruising all around town – both Post Offices were packed, the roads were busy, and school was out.

The kids spent the day at home and with friends and I cruised home early in the afternoon after a client meeting. The mountain was awesome yesterday and the plans were to cruise back again on Tuesday, but it looks as though school will be delayed, so off to work I will go. And the kids will no doubt spend the morning in their PJs once again – missing out on yet another one of those  fun weekday mornings of ‘getting ready for school’.

Lucy was happy to see all of us home for sure.

Good weekend ender – Mt Bachelor opens

Ana, Laurie, Max kicking itWoo Hoo! The mountain finally opened today. It was a good day for sure – and long awaited by many.
By 8 am the Mt Bachelor webcam revealed that a select group was already waiting at the base of the Pine Martin lift for first runs – we were in our PJs – all comfy cozy. Early mornings and Sundays are meant for relaxation – unless of course the mountain gets epic snowfall the night before.

My only plans for this day involved heading out to thump to meet my bud Danno for a morning cup and cruising up to the mountain for some runs. Not bad for a Sunday.

After coffee it was off to the mountain! We arrived just after eleven and the lines were minimal, the snow was falling and the sky was clearing – at times. The kids had a blast and did really well. After about five runs and two hot chocolates we were ready to head home for some Pizza Mondo, beers, movies, maybe some  Halo 3 and a hot tub! Well – Laurie and I were ready for the beers part, the kids not so much.

It was a good day for sure. The only thing that would have made it great was all of us hopping in the hot tub after our day on the hill – like last year – this year Max will have to skip out on the hot tub action because of his burns and new skin, but there’s always next year. We made sure he was totally covered when we hit the mountain today, we got him a cool new old-school ski mask that covers his whole face – bank robber style. Let it snow, let it now, let it snow.

Men’s designer underwear for all – men.

We just wrapped up another branding project for another local (Bend, Oregon) client – Fully Briefed. This one was a fun one – designer men’s underwear. Up until about 6 months ago I had no idea this was even a retail category, but I was so wrong. It’s a huge one. ;^)

Men’s designer underwear is by no means a new category, rather there are several retail shops both on-line and off that cater to a growing audience of male designer underwear shoppers. From boxer briefs to thongs and underwear that actually enhance – Fully Briefed has it.

The biggest difference for these guys is their brand – they realized early on that there was a good amount of other on-line men’s underwear options, but they wanted to tap into the feel of the Northwest in a fun way – and so the creature was born. A not so distant cousin of the famed Bigfoot – our creature was bit more modest and had a particular liking of designer underwear, briefs to be precise. Check him out at (Fully Briefed On Me).

Day 46

Continued from a previous post.

It’s been fifty days since Max was in the accident and he continues to improve for sure. As our doctor had predicted, the open wound has closed and scar tissue has formed as his second skin. In about a week or so the scar will no longer need to be bandaged and in its place will go a self-adherent silicone bandage – this will help diminish the scars appearance.
His new skin (which was previously 2nd degree burns) is evident – whiter than his other skin, and more susceptible to sun damage, great care is being taken everyday to make sure he has SPF on his face and body.

Continued here.

First Friday Site Launch

Karen Bandy StudioFirst Friday is here. Shops downtown will keep their doors open into the evening, most serving treats – to nosh and drink down.
Not too long ago I was commissioned by jeweler and artist Karen Bandy to develop her online presence, as well as shoot some images of her gallery. She will be announcing her site launch – tonight as well as keeping her doors open for Art Walkers. Should be a nice crisp fall evening for a walk in downtown Bend.

First frost on election day

First FrostThis morning I looked out the window and saw my sister’s roof top with frost on it – the first frost of Fall, and it happened on election day. Not sure what that means but, it’s cool.