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30 May 2008 0 Comments

2008 Bite of Bend

The Bite Of Bend is coming soon, and the posters are going up. I finished this and another poster for the 2008 BOB. Another fun “Fest” project for sure! Look for them around town, and if you happen to be downtown, you’ll see the banners on the light posts which will be going up next week.

If you go, make sure to check out the Iron Chef competition! Chef Tim Garling from The Jackalope Grill will be a contestant this year, so it’s bound to be a really good show!

19 March 2008 2 Comments

Big Island Kona Mix Plate

My friends at Kona Mix Plate are now advertising every other week in The Source! (Keep a look out for their ads.) These guys are the real deal from Hawaii, serving up the traditional Hawaiian plate lunch and dinner along with other special treats you will not find any other place in Bend. Super tasty food (Ahi Poke is so fresh!) and reasonable prices for sure. It’s a family affair w/ Ricky and his Mom in the kitchen and his wife Sheri and niece Shinobu out in front. Mix it Up! Fresh Mac Salad is soooooo good! With over 1,300 friends on myspace, they must be doing it right! konamixplate

14 February 2008 2 Comments

The Source Weekly redesign – and Pinback

Out this week – The new Source Weekly.
Out last night – Pinback.

After several months of reviews, discussions, and revisions the new look for The Source Weekly (Central Oregon’s weekly publication) was let loose to the masses today (actually yesterday now).

Some people may have already seen the new mark in business card or sales material form over the past month or so, but today was the official 1st day for the new look. It may not be too big a deal for most readers, but it was pretty cool to see for me.

Having the opportunity to develop the logo for our local weekly rag was cool. And finally seeing it printed was even cooler. Developing the mark was a collaborative effort for sure, as was helping structure the new layout. I look forward to see how the new mark develops throughout the years.

What a great show last night at the Domino Room! Even w/ a sore throat Rob was belting out the vocals (while slowly tossing back a shot). Good tunes for sure! Opening act MC Chris was on fuego as well! That dude was one funny white hip-hopin’ mofo.

13 February 2008 0 Comments

Nothing says I love you like worms

Looking for something extra special for that extra special someone this Valentine’s Day? Tired of diamonds, flowers, stuffed animals, and chocolates (all undoubtedly dug up, grown, manufactured, and mixed up in lands far far away)?

Why not reduce your carbon footprint and pick up a pound of Super Composting Red Wigglers for Valentine’s day? They’re red, so they’ll make a perfect Valentine, and they’re local (if you live in Bend). Although they’re not as sparkly, pretty, cuddly, or tasty as your typical Valentine’s Day gift items, the gift of Red Wigglers just shows that you really do care about her/him and the world we all live in. ;^) Visit today!

Wonder Worman loves these red wiggling creatures. I created her marketing components including the smiley Red Wiggler logo. Harold O Cecil (aka Ad HOC) helped a bunch w/ making The Wonder Worman come to life via copywriting and PR efforts.

Go Red Wigglers!

12 February 2008 0 Comments

Ghost Towns

I Just finished an illustration project which will be showing up on the upcoming cover of The Source Weekly (our weekly pub). I have not read the feature story but it’s entitled “Central Oregon’s Ghost Towns Have a Story To Tell”. Should be interesting.

While researching for imagery I ran across the aptly named If you have some time to kill and like images of Ghost Towns, check it out for sure.

8 February 2008 0 Comments

thump coffee

If you’re cruising downtown to Winterfest this weekend, stop by thump coffee, for some music and cuppings.

Considering the population of Bend, there’s a pretty large selection of coffee shops to choose from and depending on what your looking for there’s most likely one here for you.

I’ve had the opportunity to work on thump coffee creative for the past year and it’s been great to work with such cool clients. The ‘birds’ illustration for the ad was inspired and originally created by the super talented Simon Oxley. Look for it in the The Source and Cascade A&E.

7 February 2008 0 Comments

Winterfest 2008

Winterfest should be cool this year. Looking forward to seeing “The Blakes” and “Hells Belles” (I’m not a big AC/DC fan, but an all girl AC/DC cover band should be a sight). The kids will dig the fireworks and I’ll for sure go to thump coffee to say hola to K&H and the crew. Carol Sternkopf will be there showcasing her work so that’s cool too.

Working on the creative for the 2008 Winterfest was cool for sure and I can’t wait to see it all come together this weekend.

29 January 2008 2 Comments

Red Wiggling

Worms. I remember fishing w/ worms when I was a kid. They must have been tasty because fish sure did like them. It was always fun going to the bait shop for a styrofoam cup-o-worms (Night Crawlers actually). They were always in the cooler behind the counter. Little did I know they had a close cousin whose ‘pooping’ ability would one day make headlines around the world. Red Wigglers – the super composting worm. They are the cornerstone of some villages. I’ve been learning quite a bit about Red Wigglers as my wife is “The Wonder Worman” – Invisible car yet to come. ;^) Although slimy, they are quite cool to look at and hold.We are finishing up her site which is launching this week, so I thought it would be cool to post a photo of these cool little creatures.