Mt Bachelor Screws up – again

I love the mountain. I was up earlier today – cruising the groomed ice. But when I got home this afternoon I received an email from Mt Bachelor, which included this statement: ‘effective immediately, we require all season passes and lift tickets to be clearly visible, easily accessible and made readily available for inspection by Lift Access staff at every lift for every ride on the mountain, and by Nordic staff upon their request’.

Not sure about most peeps, but I keep my pass safely tucked away in my jacket sleeve – in a special pocket designed for passes. Removing it wouldn’t be much of a hassle, but an annoyance none-the-less if it had to be done at every lift, day after day, week after week. Now Mt Bachelor is demanding that we show our pass or as they say make it available. Lame, Mt Bachelor. Why?

Mountain visits are supposed to be a relaxing time. If you are having issues – deal with them without inconveniencing season pass holders.

3 Replies to “Mt Bachelor Screws up – again”

  1. Been enjoying “wrong dude” for a while – good blog. The “issue” is rampant theft and innapropriate behavior that ruins people’s day. People showing their pass is how we get over that issue. Apologies that it might be a hassle.

  2. Theft is a bummer for sure, but perhaps making spot checks would have been a better initial solution. Mostly disappointed because we’ve already lost one pass this year because of the armband size being too large for our daughter, which cost another $25 to replace – no big deal, but replacing another for the same reason?
    Why not just give out those cool retractable pass holders instead – less hassle and you have skiers/boarders cruising around town with The Mt Bachelor logo attached to the zipper of their jackets.

  3. Wish we could use those retractables. Next year for sure, this year the pass stock can’y have a hole in it because of the computer chip style. That’s the real bummer. Don’t be afraid to stick some tape on the arm band if you are having trouble with it.. Or use a clear coat packet if you have that sort of thing.

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